Apple employee discount – Perks of Working at Apple – 2022

Apple Employee Discount

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make a change in your career or for a way to earn extra money with an unpaid job, be interested in working for Apple employee discount.

But before applying (or when you’re currently employed at Apple), You might be interested in the benefits for employees and discounts that Apple offers. For instance, does Apple provide a discount in Prime membership plans to their employees?

Find the solution to this and all your other questions regarding Apple’s employee discounts that I found in my research on this issue.

What Exactly is the Apple Employee Discount?

The discount for Apple employees is 25 percent off well kind of, let me tell you how. It’s specifically a one-time annual discount of 25% for each category of products.The four major product lines are Apple Watch, the iPhone, iPad, and computer.You could purchase the devices at 25% less than the retail cost in the following year.

I also was told that employees receive a 10 percent discount on every item at the Apple Store except for gift cards. (If you are currently employed at Apple, could you confirm this or dispel this claim in the comment section below? Thank you for your time.)

Apple employee discount

How to get discounts at the Apple Store 2022

Most of us feel at ease making larger Apple purchases through The Apple Store, either in person or on the internet. Of of course, Apple doesn’t have a continuous stream of sales and discounts like many other retailers. But, we’ve learned how to find discounts in Apple’s Apple Store and on the Apple website. Following this post, you’ll be too. Tips #1: Use the Apple Card or the other credit cards listed below on the top of the other options to increase your savings.

  • Black Friday deals
  • Apple Gift Cards
  • Apple Trade-In
  • College students
  • Teachers and educators
  • Company discounts
  • Government employees
  • Military and veterans

Apple Employee Health & Wellbeing Focus 

To begin with, Apple has a massive commitment to health and wellness. The majority of companies today provide discounts for gym memberships as an employee benefit, and Apple isn’t any different.

Of course, as one of the largest companies, they also have a center for health and fitness that includes gyms, dieticians, massage therapists, personal trainers, and physiotherapists. All of this is accessible to employees based in Cupertino, California.

As part of the health and well-being package, they offer the employee assistance Programme (EAP). They are becoming more sought-after by businesses of any size because of their popularity and efficiency.

With an increase in the diagnosis of mental health disorders and mental health issues, it’s more crucial than ever to provide confidential assistance to employees. An EAP is a great way to do just that. Moreover, Apple offers a comprehensive dental and health insurance plan that is essential for many companies to provide and is even more crucial when you live in The States where healthcare costs can be enormous cost.

Apple Employee Commuting Discount

Apple does a lot to assist employees in their commutes to work. They provide the cycling to work program and offer discounts on public transportation in the local areaFurthermore, Apple providing these benefits is an absolute requirement to retain and attract high-quality talent within the competitive region that is Silicon Valley.

There are several significant benefits that employers can provide their employees to assist with their commute. The cycle to work program is among the most well-known benefits offered to employees. Commuting loans may aid employees in obtaining season passes for parking or public transport.

Any Additional Apple Employee Discount?

There certainly are.

An ex-Apple employee stated that once you’ve used up your discount of 25 and you’re still able to benefit from the 15% discount for friends and family the amount of “10 items”. You can also buy gifts for friends and family members and save a 15% discount.

In addition, at the end of every three years of work, you’ll receive a $500 credit to spend on whatever you’d like.PLUS…you can combine the $500 discount with the employee discount of 25% and get a MAJOR bargain. As the reporter states in her article, receive a new iPhone every three years. For More Information visit

Apple employee benefits summary

The company provides various attractive Apple Employee benefits and Discounts, of which the following are most well-appreciated:

  • Apple Employee Discounts
  • Apple Healthcare and Life insurance
  • Work from home using Apple At Home Advisor
  • Apple employee tuition reimbursement
  • Apple Employee Rewards
  • Plans for retirement along with Apple Retiree Benefits
  • Apple Benefits for Employees 401K

Apple customer service numbers

  • U.S. iPod, Mac, and iPad technical assistance: (800-275-2273)
  • Upgrade Center Apple Software : (888) 840-8433
  • Apple Enterprise Sales Phone: (877) 412-7753
  • Apple Cash and person-to payment: 1-877-233-8552
  • Official Website

What is Apple employee purchase program discount?

Its “Employee Purchase Program” gets its employees access to Apple’s products at an affordable cost. Every year, employees get 25% off computers. Also, they will receive discounts of 25% on all models of iPod and iPad. The majority of Apple applications are discounted by by 50 percent.

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